Buy Kenyan Tea

Let's Grow Together.

What can we offer you?

1. CTC Black Tea
Bulk Blended Tea (Infrastructure for making special blends is available)
2. Direct sales of Orthodox and Specialty Tea

Straight-line Tea (Pure Kenyan Tea) and unblended teas straight from the factory
3. Timely shipping and courier delivery services
4. Communication with you throughout the process

Set your business apart from your competitors

If you're here, we don't need to tell you about the quality of Kenyan Tea. What we'd love to tell you is how we can help you build your business by buying Kenyan tea.

Throughout the world, you'll find that the majority of black tea held in very high regard contains blends from some of our best tea estates.  

This quality and value for money ultimately will keep your customers coming back for more. 

We take care of everything, so you don't have to

Through a well oiled system, BKT will facilitate your purchase of Kenyan tea either directly from the farmers or through the Mombasa tea auction.

We handle everything from sourcing the best Kenya tea at the best prices, packaging, blending (if required) to shipping to your port of destination anywhere in the world.

We take pride in transparency and integrity in all our business operations.

Strategic management guided by our client's needs

Our Vision: A Hassle free buying process for tea buyers through BKT.

Our Mission: To expand consumption of Kenya's liquid gold throughout the world.

Our focus is YOU

Our goals, objectives, and strategies are set to coordinate and align our products, services, resources and actions according to our customer's needs. 

Our Clients:

"BKT always maintained great customer relationships with our clients who form the basis of our business." Wanis International Foods, London, UK

I have always found BKT to be very professional in their business process having worked with them since 2012. Mr. Shah (A&I Foods), Leicester, UK